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          The development history of Jinan Hengtong Stationery Co., Ltd.
          Jinan Hengtong Stationery Co., Ltd. is the earliest manufacturer of pencils in Shandong Province. It was founded in 1950 and began to produce pencils for export in the 1950s. It is a key enterprise in the pencil industry in the country. For more than 60 years, with the development of different historical stages, the company has successively used the "Jinan Labor Transport Self-rescue Service Stationery Factory", "Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory", "Jinan Stationery Factory", "Jinan Pencil Factory", and "Jinan Stationery Factory". The names of "Jinan Pen Manufacturing Co., Ltd." and "Jinan Hengtong Pen Manufacturing Co., Ltd." have grown from more than 20 people to more than 1,000, and the production scale has expanded from 500,000 to 1 billion per year.

          After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the strong support of the Jinan Municipal Government, the company overcame difficulties such as no technology, no equipment, and no funds. With one heart and one mind, the company created the country’s first state-owned enterprise. The pencil manufacturer used hardworking hands to compose a hymn of hard work.

          After the reform and opening up, the company strengthened management, changed its mechanism, continued to innovate, and its production and operation developed rapidly. In the late 1990s, the export volume of pencils ranked first in the country, with an annual output of 1 billion pieces, and the "friendship" of production. Pencils are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.


          The first state-owned pencil manufacturer was born

          Key words: Laoyun Self-rescue Service Agency Stationery Factory Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory

          In September 1949, Jinan entered a period of resumption of production after the liberation. In December, 28 unemployed persons were approved by the Municipal Labor Bureau to form a "Labor Transport Self-rescue Production Service Agency" in five bungalows at No. 81 Zhonghou Street, Wei 12 Road, Jinan City, and earn a living by transporting salt. With the successive resumption and establishment of various schools, they saw that the demand for pencils was gradually increasing, so they decided to make pencils as a means of making a living in the future. At that time, two young people who came back from the “pass through the Guandong” happened to bring back the craftsmanship of making pencils from the northeast. So starting from January 1950, they used the relief funds allocated by the Jinan Municipal Labor Bureau to trial-produce pencils for 3 months. After the trial production was successful.

          In March 1950, the "Labour Self-rescue Production Service Agency" was named the "Labour Self-rescue Service Agency Stationery Factory" by the Bureau of Labor of Jinan City. Industrial development laid the foundation. The brand for the production of pencils is "Life and Rescue Card", and the design is gears and a bowl of rice.

          In July of the same year, Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory, a privately-owned pencil manufacturer, also started to set up a pencil factory. It started producing "Youai Brand" pencils in early October. However, due to a serious loss, it ceased production and went out of business a year later. In August 1951, in order to develop the pencil industry and arrange employment for the masses, the Jinan Municipal Labor Bureau purchased the private Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory with funds and handed it over to the Stationery Factory of the Labor Transport Self-help Service Agency. The "Labor Service Self-rescue Service Agency Stationery Factory" moved to Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory at No.81 Taipingsi Street, Jinan City in early September. The factory name of Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory and its "Youai Brand" trademark (handshake pattern) were used. So far, "Labor Transportation Self-rescue Service Agency Stationery Factory" has evolved into a public Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory.

          Use of the "Youai Brand" pencil trademark in 1951

          In November 1951, after the Jinan Municipal Labor Bureau purchased a private pencil factory-Jinan New Stationery Factory, it relocated the "Labour Self-Rescue Service Stationery Factory" to Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory. "Youai Brand" pencil trademark. The factory is located at No. 81, Taipingsi Street, Jinan City. There are 64 workers, all of whom produce pencils by hand.


          In September 1953, the company's affiliation was changed from Jinan Labor Bureau to Jinan Industrial Company.


          On August 4, 1954, the company moved from No. 81 Taipingsi Street, Jinan City to No. 116 Dexing Street, Jingshi Road, Jinan City. On August 7, the Economic South Municipal Government approved the name of the enterprise as the local state-owned "Jinan Xinwen Stationery Factory". So far, the country's first state-owned pencil factory was born.


          From January to June, during the private renovation, our factory was merged. Eight private small factories and handicraft workshops that produced pencils were merged into our factory: Qingdao Xingguang Pencil Factory and Xuzhou Weixin Pencil Factory. , Jining Xinqi Pencil Industry Society, Jinan Tongli Fuji Pencil Industry Society, Jinan New Pencil Manufacturing Factory, Jinan Hongji Pencil Industry Society, Jinan Wuhe Pencil Industry Society, Jinan Jiansheng Iron Industry Society (maintaining pencil production equipment The small factory consists of 3 people).

          In July, the factory established production technical operating procedures and drafted product quality standards.

          In September, the factory's affiliation was changed to Jinan Local Industry Bureau (the original industrial company was changed to).


          In January, the affiliation of our factory was changed to the leadership of Jinan Light Industry Administration (the former Jinan Local Industry Bureau was divided into: first, light industry bureau, heavy industry bureau, textile bureau, etc.).

          In August, the Youai brand 541 red and blue pencils produced by our factory were approved by the Central Ministry of Light Industry to be named as famous brand products. The Central Ministry of Light Industry awarded a pennant.

          In August, our "Youai Brand" pencils were exported for the first time to more than ten countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. The quantity was 10,000 to 20,000.

          In September, the key process of the whole plant was changed from long-branched pencils (one long branch can be sawed into 4-5 pencils according to specifications) to short-board-shaped pencils. Changed from sawing board to cutting board.


          In January, the Economic South City Government and the Light Industry Bureau approved to take over the production of typed wax paper, stylus wax paper, carbon paper, and ink ("three papers and one water") in Jinan Liansheng Stationery Factory and merge them into the part. As a production workshop of our factory.

          In the same year, our factory was renamed: local state-owned "Jinan Stationery Factory", under the leadership of the Light Industry Bureau.


          In September, our factory successfully developed pencil lacquer printing and promoted the new lacquer printing process.


          In October, promote advanced pencil production technology, improve cutting light and dust removal equipment, single plate selection method, pressure dehydrator, and rapid mixer 41 items.


          In December, with the approval of the Municipal Government and the Light Industry Bureau, the "Three Paper and Ink" workshops of our factory were separated and a separate factory was established to produce typed wax paper, stylus wax paper, carbon paper, and ink. The factory was named as a local state-owned factory. Jinan Stationery Factory" was later renamed Jinan Typewriter Factory.

          After separating the "three papers and inks", our factory produces pencils exclusively. At the same time, it was named "Local State-owned Jinan Pencil Factory" approved by the Municipal Government and the Light Industry Bureau.

          In December, the Central Ministry of Economics and Industry invested 570,000 yuan in our factory and completed all the projects in the third quarter of 1965.


          Since 1965, our factory has been approved by the Municipal People’s Committee as an opening-up unit, and has received more than 100 countries and regions including Australia, Japan, Romania, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Myanmar, Zambia, Singapore, etc. International friends and patriotic overseas Chinese.

          From 1963 to 1965, it was rated as an advanced enterprise of "Daqing Industrial Development" by the city for three consecutive times.


          In May, there were more than 100 envoys and officials from more than 40 countries in China. The leader of the country Li Xiannianfu and Prime Minister Fu visited our factory.


          In August, the Cambodian head of state, Prince Norodom Sihanouk and his wife, the special envoy of British Sali, Mrs. Gulun, Princess Kekaniya, Minister and wife of Jichun, Mrs. Bo and other foreign guests, led by the state leaders Xu Xiangqian and Yang Dezhi, Provincial leader Su Yiran accompanied him to visit our factory and was warmly welcomed by the cadres and the masses.


          In January, the affiliation of our factory was changed to the leadership of Jinan First Light Industry Bureau (the former Light Industry Bureau was divided into the First Light Industry Bureau and the Second Light Industry Bureau).


          In August, with the approval of the superior, the provincial foreign trade loan invested 400,000 yuan. The construction of our factory started in 1975 and was completed at the end of 1976. The finished building workshop has a three-story building of 2,400 square meters with elevators and other supporting equipment, which increases the annual production capacity of our factory from 200 million to 300 million, which provides conditions for the future development of production.

          In October, "Youai Brand" 6700 short twelve-color pencils and 703 long twelve-color pencils were rated as high-quality products by the Provincial Light Industry Department.


          In September, the Municipal Revolutionary Committee approved the establishment of "Jinan Pencil Board Factory" attached to our factory. The nature of the enterprise: a large collective; the former is a large collective "plate making factory" that was changed from our factory's plate making workshop, which is a workshop internally and a factory externally. At the same time, the board factory was approved by the superior to recruit 140 trainees as large collective workers.


          In September, "Youai Brand" 545 intermediate HB leather pencils, "Youai Brand" 6700 twelve-color pencils and 703 twelve-color pencils were rated as high-quality products by the Provincial No.1 Light Department.

          In September 1979, the 545HB pencil packaging was awarded the first prize by the province. In November of the same year, this packaging work was recommended to participate in the light industry product packaging and decoration conference held by the Ministry of Light Industry in Wuhan.

          In October, the “cutting board group” of our board-making workshop was rated as “advanced team of trustworthy quality” by the province. In October of the same year, he attended the provincial advanced representative meeting held by the Provincial Department of Industry in Jinan and awarded certificates and prizes.


          In December, at the National Light Industry Product Packaging and Decoration Appraisal Conference, our factory's "Youai Brand" 541 red and blue pencil packaging box was rated as an excellent product packaging and decoration work by the Ministry of Light Industry of the People's Republic of China. And issued a certificate of excellent design.


          On October 17, Comrade Yang Bo, Minister of the Ministry of Light Industry, came to our factory to inspect the work and understand the production situation. For the production of mechanical pencils, Minister Yang’s instruction was: "Strong support from the local area", and the city will study it later. , The Municipal Economic Commission allocated 100,000 yuan from technical measures to make the activity pens put into production as soon as possible.

          On November 1, with the approval of the Municipal First Light Industry Bureau, 35 people were transferred from Jinan Cultural Products Factory to our factory, and the price was allocated to our factory's mechanical pencil manufacturing equipment, and a workshop for making all-plastic mechanical pencils was established. The capacity is 300,000 pieces, but the production is abnormal. It is in the trial production stage and has not been put into mass production.

          In September 1982, the "packaging group" of our finished product workshop was assessed as the "March 8" advanced red flag team by the province. And attended the meeting of representatives of provincial and municipal advanced collectives.

          From 1981 to 1982, the "finished product workshop" was rated as an advanced collective by the city and attended the representative meeting.

          The "Party Branch" of the finished product workshop in 1981 and 1982 was rated as an advanced collective by the city.


          In April, our factory successfully trial-produced fine lead cores,

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